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The Role of Galvanized Steel and Colour Coated Sheets in PEB constructions.

The Role of Galvanized Steel and Colour Coated Sheets in PEB constructions.

Galvanized steel sheets come in a range of premium colors and finishes. The color coating is applied to the entire roof or the cladding and the thickness depends on the weather conditions and what the sheet is intended to be used for.

Galvanized iron sheets, also known as GI sheets, are great roofing solutions and come in a variety of colors. GI sheets have lining enamel which acts as an inner lining.

The galvanized steel sheets are coated with a zinc layer to prevent corrosion and then a layer of quality color paint is applied on top of the zinc layer. The color paint is applied continuously in an automated process, ensuring even coverage and adhesion to the sheet’s surface.

Color-coated galvanized sheets for sale are available at Triveni Steel & are durable and long-lasting, making them ideal for use as roofing or cladding solutions. They resist changing weather and fading, making them suitable for a variety of applications.

Let us examine the properties of Galvanized steel color sheets, which make them best suited in pre-engineered building (PEB) construction works.


Color-coated steel sheets last a lifetime and need very little maintenance. Their durability makes them highly sought after in the building industry.

Color-coated steel sheets are highly tensile in low temperatures, thermal friendly and can withstand all weather conditions. They are also able to withstand heavy loads without causing any damage.

Color-coated steel roofing sheets don’t tear easily. They are durable and provide long-term durability

Lightweight material

The final piece of the roofing sheet remains light in weight, even after an extra layer of color has been applied. This makes it easy to transport and install.
Due to their lightweight and high strength, color-coated steel sheets can be customized to different shapes and sizes depending on the construction needs


The coat of color on the surface of the galvanized steel sheets prevents the sheets from rusting or fading easily. This guarantees the long life and longevity of the entire structure. Color-coated roofing sheets are coated with various colors through a chemical process. These sheets retain their color and shine for an extended period of time.


Color-coated sheets are weather-resistant. They can withstand extreme summers and winters, as well as heavy rainfall. The quality of the sheet does not suffer in severe weather conditions.

Low heat conductivity

Due to its color-coated surface and excellent insulation properties, the sheet does not allow excessive heat to enter the building, thus keeping the building cool and secure.

Color choices

The surface of the steel sheet is color coated. Different colors can be used to enhance the look of the steel sheet. It can also be coated in different patterns depending on your design. For example, grass, a blue sky, or a flower can be applied to the steel sheet.

Color-coated steel sheets are available in various shapes and sizes depending on the requirements. The color increases the visual appeal of the steel sheet and makes it more appealing. Therefore, color-coated steel sheets are an excellent choice when constructing a building


Steel panels, also known as galvanized steel panels or color-coated steel panels, are used as roof and wall panels in PEB buildings. They are lightweight, durable, and weather resistant. Steel panels are available in a variety of profiles, finishes, and colors at Triveni Steel – a steel supplier in Bangalore. They add to the overall aesthetic of a building while providing protection from the elements

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