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The decking sheets of high-quality from Triveni Steels are in high demand in the construction industry. These steel sheets are normally made of galvanized or coated steel and are designed to serve as permanent formwork for reinforced concrete slabs, enhancing structural integrity.

Triveni Steels decking sheets provide exceptional strength and durability, making them ideal for high-rise buildings, bridges, parking structures, and industrial facilities. During construction, they serve as a dependable platform, promoting secure working conditions for labourers and minimising the requirement for additional temporary support.


One of the main advantages of decking sheets is their ability to distribute loads efficiently. They boost the load-bearing capacity of the structure by acting as a composite system with the concrete, resulting in smaller beam sizes and longer spans. Thereby, it reduces construction costs and allows for greater flexibility in architectural design. The decking sheets offer fire-resistant properties, making them a preferred choice. Additionally, their corrosion resistance ensures long-term structural integrity and reduces maintenance.

Decking sheets of Triveni Steels are lightweight and easy to install, reducing construction time. Furthermore, their precise dimensions and interlocking mechanisms ensure a seamless fit, creating a smooth surface for subsequent concrete placement. Following are the specifications of the decking sheets supplied by them.


Technical specifications:

  • Input width – 1220mm to 1500mm

  • Output width – 960mm to 1240mm

  • Thickness – 0.80mm to 1.5mm

  • GSM – 80GSM to 275GSM

Thus, decking sheets are supplied to meet various market segments like the construction, automobile sector, engineering, steel vendors/retailers, etc. The best advantage is that you can get the products customised as per the requirement, and their service center works 24/7. Triveni Steels is known for providing excellent customer service, timely delivery, and best-quality steel products at affordable prices.

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