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Steel Service Centre

Ignite Steel Solutions - Cut and Bend TMT Bars

Every modern structure around the world needs steel rebars to be cut and bent to exact specifications, ensuring precision and consistency to meet the design requirement. However, the traditional way of cutting and bending rebars has a number of limitations as it is done manually using unskilled labor and hand tools. This process is not competent or cost-effective and the required shape is only roughly met with a lot of wastage.

Recognizing the need for a customized solution, Triveni Enterprises developed the concept of ready to use steel through Cut and Bent TMT bars. These are extremely popular with quality and cost-conscious contractors as they permit exponential savings in terms of time and construction cost.

We use state-of-the-art Italian machinary from Schnell, world leaders in the production of automatic machines for reinforcement processing.

8, 10 & 12mm,  coils cut to size & bend

Advantages of using our Cut and Bend TMT Bars

  • Save Steel & Cost
  • Any Shape & Size
    • Fully automatic, Rings of any shape as per BBS
  • Zero Wastage
    • Wastages are minimum as RFT TMT stirrups are produced by machine
    • No fear of losses as quantity to be used is predetermined and delivered accordingly at site
  • Minimize Labour Costs & Storage Hazzards
  • Enables client / project / owners to commit delier of projects on time

8 to 40mm, Bars cut to size & bend