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The Top 5 Advantages Of Using Color Coated Sheets For Construction

The Top 5 Advantages Of Using Color Coated Sheets For Construction

The Top 5 Advantages Of Using Color Coated Sheets For Construction

Colour coated sheets for roofing has become a popular option in the construction industry. While they are mainly being used in industrial and commercial settings, there is a fast growing trend of using them in residential projects as a stylish and aesthetic alternative to other conventional options. .

Colour coated sheets are usually made of cold rolled steel and aluminium , in a wide variety of thickness. Of these the color coated sheets made out of cold rolled steel are the most durable, and the best value for money with a long lifespan.

The benefits of using Colour Coated sheets are numerous. To learn more about the many advantages of using steel color coated sheets, please do read on.


Working with color coated sheets is easier since they are light-weight and have high strength. They are easily customizable according to site requirements and are perfect for extensions and renovations.


Even the harshest weather conditions are no match for the durability factor of the color coated sheets, and the regular modified polyester, silicone polyester and PVDF 2 coating protects from corrosion caused by water.

Aesthetic Appeal

Color coated sheets can come in multiple colors and thicknesses and so they are ideal for architectural and construction purposes. We can now find them being used in airports, resorts, hotels, offices etc as per the needs of users.

Fire Resistance

The fire-resistant properties of color coated sheets make them impervious to damage caused by fire. They are non-combustible which makes them ideal for homes, warehouses, greenhouses and factories.


Color coated sheets are both reusable and recyclable. This makes them a highly eco-friendly product compared to conventional materials.

These are some of the many advantages of using these versatile color coated sheets for construction projects.

At Triveni, our Steel Super Store has color coated sheets available in both PPGI and PPGL, ranging from 0.30 mm – 0.80 mm thickness. They are available in a wide spectrum of appealing colours for all your needs.